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Allergen Control
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- Undeclared Allergens

Safe2eat can make sure your labels accurately reflect whats in your products.

Consumers expect to be clearly warned if allergens are present.

50% of all recalls are due to undeclared allergens.....Is your company exposed?

Who checks your label statements before you spend thousands on packaging?

Consider $1,000 label checking    vs    $1,000,000+ recalling product.


- Allergen Free

Safe2eat helps you ensure that your claims can be made with confidence.

To make these claims you need to thoroughly check every part of your supply chain.


- Allergen Testing

False positives may trigger companies and health officials to initiate a recall.  

Safe2eat can assist you to prevent this happening.


- New Allergens

Have you included Lupins in you allergen declarations?


- Emerging Allergens

What's recognised.....vs......what's not?

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge of whats happening locally & overseas. Mustard, Celery, etc.

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