Allergen Control

Safe2eat can make sure your labels accurately reflect what's in your products.

Undeclared Allergens

Consumers expect to be clearly warned if allergens are present. 50% of all recalls are due to undeclared allergens.


Is your company exposed?


Who checks your label statements before you spend thousands on the packaging? Consider $1,000 label checking vs $1,000,000+ recalling product.


Allergen Free

Safe2eat helps you ensure that your claims can be made with confidence. To make these claims you need to thoroughly check every part of your supply chain.


Allergen Testing

False positives may trigger companies and health officials to initiate a recall. Safe2eat can assist you to prevent this from happening.


New Allergens

Have you included Lupins in your allergen declarations?


Emerging Allergens

What's recognised vs what's not?


Take advantage of our experience and knowledge of what's happening locally & overseas. Mustard, Celery, etc.