Food Label Reviews

Are your food labels correct?

Up to 50% of all recalls are due to incorrect labelling!!

Get your labels checked

Are you ready for the Health Inspector knocking on your door to tell you that your "products fail to comply"?


Jurisdictions and consumer associations intend to place even more focus on label information to ensure consumers are not misled.

  • Are your labels misleading and deceptive to the average consumer?                                                 

  • Are you ready to be interrogated or fined by the ACCC?    

  • Who proofreads your artwork before you start printing?


Be proactive.....get your labels reviewed by Safe2eat.


Clean & Simplified Ingredient Lists
  • Want to make your ingredient lists less scary and stop upsetting the consumer?

  • Want to make it harder for competitors to copy your recipe?


Safe2eat can clean it up for you!