Health Claims & Star Ratings

How do I calculate my Nutrient Profile Score?

The calculator isn't easy to use so let Safe2eat do it for you.

We can advise changes needed to qualify for health claims and improved Health Star Rating.

Health Star Rating

Does your product rate well on the 5-star system?


We will work with you on ideas to raise your star rating.


School Canteens and Govt departments now require a minimum of 3.5 stars in order to sell products and some supermarkets don't want to sell anything under 3 stars.


Does your product qualify to make Health Claims?

To make Health Claims your product needs to get below a certain Nutrient Profile Score.


Safe2eat can assess your product(s) to see if it qualifies.


What Health Claims are possible?

Two types of claims are possible:

  • basic and

  • high level.

Safe2eat can determine which claims are suitable for your products.

We can help you get extra claims not listed, approved by FSANZ.