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Crisis Recall
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Food Industry Crisis Prevention

Safe2eat Food Technology Consultants help you .....

  • Prevents situations where you are forced to do a Mandatory Recall?
  • Decide whether Voluntary Recalls are really necessary
  • Negotiate with trigger happy, well-meaning Government Bodies/Enforcement Agencies
  • Reduce potential stock losses to a mimimum
  • Ensure your products dont become the next Extortion news item

Food Industry Crisis Control

Safe2eat Food Technology Consultants help you....

  • Make clear decisions in the midst of the disaster
  • Contact the key players who will get involved
  • Make submissions to the Regulatory Agencies and Interested Stakeholders
  • Resolve the situation for a satisfactory outcome
  • Get your business moving again quickly

Food Industry Crisis Dress Rehearsal

Can you confidently control the steps involved and mitigate costs to you business?
Who are the key players in you business?
Can they be counted on when it hits the fan? Safe2eat can co-ordinate for you.
Recall Assistance
Do you know what to do if you are asked to recall your product?
Is the recall really necessary?
Safe2eat can guide you at each step.




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