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Trans Fats

Not all trans fats are bad.....and not all trans fat are man-made!      

Look-up Vaccenic Acid on Wikipedia : Vaccenic acid is a naturally occurring trans fat found in the fat of ruminants and in dairy products such as milk and yogurt. It is also the predominant 'trans-fat' in human milk.

Saturated fat

Not all saturated fat is bad eg. short chain fatty acids are saturated and they help lower fatty deposits in our arteries.

Stearic acid found in chocolate actually lowers LDL

Food Security

Worldwide the diversity of foods in a normal diet are narrowing. This will result in further limits on getting sufficient vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Given the restrictions on food fortification and the negative view of supplements by some professions are we going to improve our health long term or end up with more baffling emerging chronic conditions?

Human Microbiome

Healthy individuals have 1000 microbe species in the colon whereas sick individuals have around 500.

Is our increasing push for cleanliness and sterility contributing to our malaise, increasing allergen sensitivity and chronic intolerances like IBS?

The FDA has recently banned biocide handwashing components like troclosan as it is allowing certain resistant pathogens to gain the upper hand eg. Will the Methycillin Resistant Staph aureas (MRSA) in our hospitals next appear in our foods and our homes? Ask someone if they have ever heard of competitive inhibition? There is actually a handwash now on the market with probiotics added!

One Dimensional Nutrition Policies

It is easy to single out certain nutrients and blame them for the poor health of the nation. e.g. High sodium in snack foods.

However recent research shows that the greatest dietary intake of sodium comes from staples like bread, breakfast cereals, milk products and meat!

Futhermore, the hypertensive aspect of sodium is 10 times worse when we are deficient or have an imbalance in other minerals like potassium, copper/zinc, magnesium/calcium and selenium which contribute to blood vessel elasticity.

Instead of condemning food for its sodium content we should be examining its lack of trace minerals due to overprocessing and poor on-farm practices.






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