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Technical Staff Support
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What is a Clayton's Food Technologist?

The one that looks like they are your payroll when they aren't!    

With Safe2eat its like having your own full time Food Tech on staff!


Small companies often cannot justify full time or on-site technical staff...

but that doesnt mean you have to struggle on your own.

We can assist you technically hour by hour as you need.  

One hour of our time may save you thousands!


Large corporations  Do your Technical Staff need assistance in these areas:

- Not coping with the seasonal workload...but another person isnt justified?

- Inexperienced and unable research / come up with the answers you need to problems quickly? 

- Run out of time pre-audit to get everything ready? 

- Staff have aspects of their job that they hate/struggle with or which are slowing them down?


Technical Staff Training

Safe2eat make sure your Tech Staff know what they are doing and why.


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