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Country of Origin

New regulations require that you specify the minumum % of Australian content.

Does it apply to all products?

Are your products exempt?

Is your product a NON-PRIORITY Food?

Are your products Priority of Non-Priority?


We calculate the % Australian and show you which logos to use.


If your products are Non-Priority exempt how do you decide “Product of”, “Made in” or “Packed In”?

​Safe2eat can work out which claims you are qualified to make.

How do you decide between:

  • Made in Australia from Local & Imported Ingredients and
  • Made in Australia from Imported and Local Ingredients?
  • How do you account for seasonal variations?
What is the official method for calculating these claims?

It’s not just the ingredient origin but can include the packaging, labour and overheads.

Safe2eat will ensure that all your Country of Origin labels are correct.