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Allergen Management Consultants

Safe2eat can make sure your labels accurately reflect what’s in your products.

Safe2eat Allergen Management Consultants partner with you to ensure your products comply with PEAL (Plain English Allergen Labelling) legislation and meet best practice for  PAL (Precautionery Allergen Labelling) statements. Our team is passionate about empowering you to correctly identify allergens to ensure consumers are fully informed and you products are safe to eat.

Understanding the importance of allergen management:

Hidden allergens are potentially in every meal which seldom require labelling. Manufactured foods however must accurately declare the presence or potential presence of allergens to alert consumers. The simple act of selecting a meal can be anxiety-provoking for millions of people who suffer from food allergies or sensitivities worldwide. Allergen management consultants help you correctly identify and label your products to safeguard consumers and give them confidence in your brand.

Our allergen management consultants:

Our allergen management consultants are experts in allergen identification and control. We specialise in allergen free claims and setting up dedicated allergen free manufacturing facilities. Our seasoned experts have decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of food allergen management. They bring a wealth of expertise from the food industry’s many different facets which enables them to provide in-depth analysis and custom solutions that are suited to the particular requirements of your business. 

Services We Offer:

At Safe2Eat, we provide a range of allergen consulting services: 

Allergen Identification:

In order to identify potential allergen risks in foods and beverages, our consultants work closely with you on your ingredients and recipes to create accurate allergen labels. We examine PIF’s (Product Information Forms) for detailed allergen information to determine what allergens are and are not present from your supplers.

Segregation And Cross-Contamination Mitigation:

The heart of allergen management lies in correctly identifying all allergens and ensuring their segregation. Our Allergen Management Consultants collaborate directly with your staff to ensure allergens are identified and stored separately. In addition we create effective workflows that reduce potential cross-contamination. We employ best practices that lessen the possibility of allergen exposure in all aspects of food manufacturing.  

Training and Education:

Knowledge is the key to allergen management. Our Allergen Management Consultants educate your staff to identify the recognised food allergens that must be declared. We also identify cross-contamination potential and how to test the effectiveness of clean-down procedures between products.  With our help your team will be better able to respond to customer inquiries and ensure the necessary safety precautions are maintained. 

Allergen Control Plans:

We create specialized allergen control strategies that fit your unique business needs. These plans cover strict control over ingredients and who supplies them, how to store them separately, how to test for their presence or absence and how to clearly communicate their presence to consumers. Our allergen management consultants are there to help you ensure you are not subject to a costly recall for an undeclared allergen.

Ongoing Compliance Support:

Our allergen management consultants are committed to keeping you informed as regulations and industry standards change. E.g. Emerging allergens like lupins and molluscs (recently added). We offer ongoing support to assist you to keep abreast of changes so that you can sustain a high standard of allergen management in your products. 

The Safe2Eat Difference:

Safe2eat Allergen Management Consultants as partners are invested in your success. We are aware that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to allergen management. Our dedication to excellence motivates us to work closely with your team while taking into account the particular difficulties and objectives you face.

Benefits of Collaborating with Safe2Eat:

Enhanced Reputation and Customer Trust:

Our Allergen management consultants engage with top management to get commitment allergen management protocols so that it fosters consumer loyalty and trust.

Reduced Legal and Financial Risks:

40% or more of all recalls are due to undeclared allergens. The financial loss and legal repercussions may result in your business closure. Our Allergen Management Consultants assist you to reduce these risks by putting robust and effective allergen control measures in place.

Access to Expert Knowledge:

Our Allergen Management Consultants bring experience, knowledge and wisdom to your door to simplify your operations and ensure ongoing compliance.

Confident Consumers = Flourishing Business:

When consumers feel safe, they repeat buy and learn to trust you. Our dedicated allergen management consultants will ensure your systems are robust and effective turning consumers into brand advocates, contributing to the growth and success of your business.

Reach out to us: 

Safe2at’s allergen management consultants are your partners in creating a safer, more trusted products and brands. We understand the challenges you face and are committed to providing personalized solutions that elevate your business while prioritizing the safety and well-being of your customers and consumers. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get our allergen management consulting team working for you.