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Are your food labels correct?

Up to 50% of all recalls are due to incorrect labelling!!

At Safe2Eat, our committed team of experienced Food Labelling Consultants is passionate about offering you expert advice, individualized solutions, and unmatched support to ensure your products comply with food labelling regulations whilst still standing out in the market,

Food labelling that is regulatory compliant is important to ensure that your products are not targeted by enforcement agencies. Accurate and informative labels are synonymous with high quality, trustworthy brands. Successful food products depend on the presence a trustworthy food label can exert.

Our Food Label Consulting Process:

Safe2Eat Food Label Consultants use theirextensive knowledge and experience to assist you at every step to understand the specific requirements for your food products in the market. Our steps to achieve this are as follows.  


Evaluate your current product type and packaging and understand your objectives. 

Regulatory Compliance: 

Identify which regulatory requirements relate to your product.

Strategic Guidance: 

Prepare suggested label content and permissible claims to appealing to your target customers.

Implementation Support: 

Proof read artwork and suggest label corrections before printing.

Ongoing Support: 

Beyond the creation of labels, Safe2eat will continue to support you by alerting you to changes in the food regulatory environment.  

Why Choose Our Food Label Consultants?

Our dedicated food label consultants are keen to assist you with their in-depth expertise, Knowledge and experience in the food industry.  

Experience That Matters: 

Safe2eat Food Labelling Consultants have decades of practical experience in the food industry. They have worked with a wide range of companies, from new start-ups to established food producers, to help them understand the complexities of food labelling requirements and put strategies into place that result in compliance and success.

Up-to-date Expertise: 

Food labelling regulations are constantly evolving, and keeping up with the changes can be time consuming. Safe2eat Food Label Consultants keep abreast of any regulatory changes and  give you up-to-date information, ensuring that your product labels continue to fully comply.

Tailored Solutions: 

We understand that every food business is different and has its own set of challenges. Our food labelling consultant takes the time to understand your specific needs and aspirations. We create solutions that are in line with your vision and goals, whether you are looking to introduce a new product, reach new markets, or improve your current labels.

Comprehensive Services: 

Safe2eat food label consulting services address every aspect of food labelling, from ingredient analysis and nutritional information calculation, allergen declarations, nutrient content and health claims. Our objective is to simplify the procedure for you, saving you time and enabling you to concentrate on what you do best…creating exceptional food products.

Let’s Get Started:

Ready to enhance your food labelling journey? Whether you’re a seasoned industry player or just starting out, Safe2eat food label consultants are here to empower your brand with accurate, compelling, and compliant labels. Partner with Safe2Eat and embark on a journey toward labelling excellence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward labelling your products with confidence and clarity. Your success is our priority, and together, we’ll make your products not only safe to eat but also a delight for consumers.