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How do I calculate my Nutrient Profile Score?

The calculator isn’t easy to use so let Safe2eat do it for you.

We can advise changes needed to qualify for health claims and improved Health Star Rating.

Safe2eat Health Star Rating Consultants partner with you to determine the Health Star Rating of your products. Our team is passionate about helping you improve your Health Star Ratings where needed to ensure they are seen favourably be consumers and retailers alike.

Why is a Health Star Rating necessary?

Health Star ratings use an algorithm to score your product based on its nutritional content. The score penalises Energy, Saturated Fat Sugars and Sodium content and rewards Protein, Dietary Fibre, Fruit, Nut, Vegetable and Legume content. The points are tallied up and determine how many Stars your product gets. The Maximum or best Star rating is 5 Stars. Currently this is a voluntary code of practice to help consumers make healthier food choices. However, supermarkets are pushing that food must meet a minimum number of Stars to even get on the shelf. We expect over time every product will be expected to wear a Star Rating and legislation introduced to mandate it.

Our Health Star Rating consultants:

Our Health Star Rating Consultants are experts in calculating the Star rating for your product(s). We specialise in finding ways to boost the Health Star rating of your products by suggesting recipe changes of added ingredients. Our seasoned experts have decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of food product development. They bring a wealth of expertise from the food industry’s many different facets which enables them to provide  customed solutions suited to the particular requirements of your business. 

Services We Offer:

Safe2Eat Health Star Rating services include: 

Health Star rating calculation:

Our consultants work out from your ingredients and recipes a baselines Health Star Rating and the need or possibility to change anything.

Health Star Rating improvement:

If your Health Star Rating is low e.g., 2 Stars it sends a bad message to consumers who may not buy your product in favour of a competitor. Lifting the Health Star Rating to 2.5 of even 3 stars may mean the difference between success or failure of your products and food manufacturing business. Our Health Star Rating Consultants collaborate directly with your staff to reformulate products and suggest recipe changes or additions of alternative or novel ingredients to trial. We then assist with Health Star Rating recalculation.  

Health and Nutrient Content Claims:

To be able to make Health claims about your product they need to have a nutrition profile score of less than 4. Safe2eat Health Star Rating Consultants can advise you on whether you qualify to make claims and what claims are possible for your product.

Higher level Health Claims:

Safe2eat Health Star Rating Consultants can make a submission to FSANZ to allow your products to make a high level health claim. They first need to qualify for the normal Health and Nutrient claims above. Our Health Star Rating Consultants help ensure that your submissions are successful.

Training and Education:

Our Health Star Rating Consultants educate your staff to calculate Health Star Ratings and identify opportunities for improvement. With our help your team will be able to respond to demand for healthier product choices and consumer inquiries and maintain your market penetration. 

Ongoing Compliance Support:

Our Health Star Rating Consultants are committed to keeping you informed as regulations, industry standards, retailer demands and consumer expectations change. We offer ongoing support to help you to keep your products relevant to consumers in a highly competitive marketplace.


The Safe2Eat Difference:

Safe2eat Health Star Rating Consultants are partners are invested in your success. We are aware that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to product marketing. Our dedication to excellence motivates us to work closely with your team while taking into account the particular difficulties and objectives you face.

Benefits of Collaborating with Safe2Eat:

Enhanced Reputation and Customer Trust:

Our Health Star Rating Consultants engage with top management to get commitment product development maintains consumer loyalty.

Retained shelf presence and Market Share:

Product which have poor Star Ratings will increasingly come under pressure to improve. Failure to change or improve will result in lost sales and market share and potential business closure. Our Health Star Rating Consultants assist your marketing and product development teams to make sure your products continue to be held in high esteem by consumers and retailers.

Access to Expert Knowledge:

Our Health Star Rating Consultants bring decades of experience and knowledge of product research and development to your door to lift the perception of your product(s) and market pre-eminence.

Confident Consumers = Flourishing Business:

When consumers believe that your product(s) they eat are healthier, they repeat buy and learn to trust you. Your dedication to improve product Health Star Ratings will turn consumers into brand advocates, contributing to the growth and success of your business.

Reach out to us: 

Safe2eat Health Star Rating Consultants are your partners in creating a healhier, more trusted products and brands. We understand the challenges you face and are committed to providing personalized solutions that elevate your business while prioritizing the safety and well-being of your customers and consumers. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get our Health Star Rating Consultant team working for you.